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Below is a list of several of the projects or activities the PTA oversee. Read through and see all the the PTA does!  Of course, the PTA would not be as successful without the help of wonderful volunteers like you.


Let us know if you are interested in any of the below volunteer opportunities by clicking here or

by emailing us at  Whether you have a couple hours a week or unlimited, whether you can only volunteer from home or want to be at the school, there is a spot for you!    


Volunteer interests

Bingo Night

Bingo, community, and fun...what more needs to be said?  Currently, we need an activity lead and 3-4 volunteers to help with Bingo night, January 19, 2017.  Anticipate 1-2 meetings prior to the event, and volunteering at the event on January 19, 2017.

Box Tops

Box tops is a lucrative free fundraiser for the school. Currently, we are looking for someone to take ownership of the box top program at Nicholson Elementary. Most work for this can be done from home and is a great opportunity to volunteer for busy parents.  We are also looking for 4-5 others who will collect and count box tops.  This is an ideal volunteer opportunity for working parents!!


Copies Copies and Copies

A teacher’s work is never done.  Making copies is a never ending job at the school! 

Currently, we are for looking for a volunteer to organize and oversee this service. 

We are also in need of several volunteers who can make copies for teachers during the school day.  You can volunteer once, once a week, once a month...hours can be flexible.



Cultural Diversity Committee 

Nicholson is made up of a number of different cultures and we want to celebrate this! Currently, we are looking for a committee chair and 2-3 committee members to oversee this committee.   


Fall Carnival

The Fall Carnival is a community event.  There are numerous ways to help! If you have access to a business that may be able to donate items/activities/services to the carnival, let us know.  Businesses interested in promoting their services via a booth at the carnival should reach out as well.  Finally, we need “all hands on deck” at the carnival.  We are looking for a committee chair and 20-30 volunteers.     

Fifth Grade Activity Committee

Every Year, the fifth-grade committee hosts special events and activities to help the 5th graders celebrate their final year at Nicholson.  The fifth-grade committee completes a fundraiser for these activities and host the annual talent show. Currently, we are seeking 3-5 committee members. 


Hospitality Committee 

"The Focus of Entertaining is impressing others.  The focus of true hospitality is serving others." Tim Chester


Several times throughout the year, the PTA provides a luncheon or breakfast for our wonderful teachers and staff.  This committee organizes, decorates, and hosts the activitiesWe are currently looking for 3-4 volunteers for this committee. 



Help families understand the importance of the PTA and the what it takes to make Nicholson so great. Currently, we are looking for a committee chair and 1-2 committee members. 

PTA Spirit Committee

The PTA Spirit committee updates the PTA bulletin board 2-3 times a year updating everyone on upcoming activities or events.  It is a great way to help keep everyone informed of all things happening PTA. Currently, we are looking for a 1-2 committee members.

Room Parents

The teacher’s need you! Sign up to be an important link between teacher and parents.  Help teachers organize volunteers for class activities.  Room parents also organize activities for teacher appreciation week. Each class would benefit from 1-2 room parents.  

Silent Auction

Silent auction will be held January 19, 2017, the same night as Bingo night. Currently, we are in need of an activity lead and 2-3 volunteers to help.  Anticipate 1-2 meetings prior to the event and volunteering the night of the on January 19, 2017.   

Website Committee 

Do you have knowledge or love of graphic design or creating websites?  This committee is perfect for you! Help keep our website up to date and looking fresh. Currently, we are looking for one website committee chair.  



Winter Wonderland Workshop

The Winter Wonderland Workshop was a first at Nicholson during the 2015-2016 school year, and it was a huge success! The shop allows students to do some of their own holiday shopping for those they love. 

Currently, we need an activity lead and 3-4 volunteers to help with the Winter Wonderland Workshop, December 5-9. Anticipate 1-2 meetings prior to the week and volunteering the week of the event.  


Winter Wonderland Breakfast

The Winter Wonderland Breakfast is a great start to the holiday season and is an opportunity to preview the Winter Wonderland Workshop.  We are looking for an event lead and 2-3 event members.   



Love taking pictures?  We need a few people dedicated to documenting this year with their camera.  We are currently looking for 3-4 committee members. 


 "On the Fly" Volunteer 

Unable to commit in advance to any of the above, but still want to help? Sign to be an "on the fly" volunteer.  We will reach out when a volunteer opportunity arises shortly before an activity or an event.  If you are able to help, great. If not, that’s okay too. We’ll ask next time!




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